Where to stay?

15 Feb

One of the main considerations when planning your holiday to Orlando is where is the best place to stay. Orlando has so many choices of places to stay that it can be quite overwhelming – I know it was for me first time around anyway!

Basically there are three main choices – a villa, on a theme park site or a hotel nearby. Before you make your decision you should consider your budget, how many people are you taking with you and whether or not you want to hire a car.


I shall start by highlighting the advantages of staying in a villa. Obviously the main advantage is the privacy that it offers you and your family/friends. Staying in a villa is far easier when travelling in large groups and you will also benefit (most of the time) by having your own private pool.

Another advantage of staying in a villa is that you can shop at your local supermarket and stock your cupboards and fridge full of food – saving you money on eating out.

Although it may sound perfect, there are some disadvantages. You will most definitely need a car, so you will need to be confident driving on the other side of the road. Some villas tend to be further away from the attractions which may make your travel time a little longer.

The main disadvantage is the expense. If your party is small it can be quite expensive to rent a villa for 2 weeks – although look out for offers from villa owners, quite often they will do an early booking discount or a late booking discount if you are brave enough to leave it to the last minute!

At a Disney Hotel

Staying at a Disney hotel comes with many advantages – the main one being that you and your family are absorbed in the Disney Magic 24 hours a day! Perfect! The quality or service is always excellent and Disney has a huge range of mouth-watering restaurants for you to try out.

Staying at a hotel gives you unlimited use of the WDW transportation system which means you can travel all of WDW without a worry.

The obvious disadvantage is that you are contained to that small area – and unless you hire a car you won’t get to see any of the other attractions. In addition, dining on the whole is more expensive at Disney which you must bear in mind when booking for your budget.

Nearby hotel

This gives you a much great choice of accommodation and standard and usually at a lower cost. Choosing to stay in a nearby hotel makes it much easier for you to find accommodation that best suits your budget. Try to find a hotel that includes free breakfast as this will also save you money in the long run.

One of the main advantages is that a lot of hotels provide free shuttle buses to the big attractions, meaning that you would not need to hire a car.

The main disadvantage with this option is of course the quality and standard of service that may receive. As with planning any holiday it can be difficult to choose a hotel. Best bet is to have a good read of the reviews on Tripadvisor before you make your decision.

Anyway, that concludes my advice on where to stay! I hope that helps you in making a decision – and as always you know where I am if you have any questions.

x E x


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