When to go?

23 Feb

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide when is the best time to book your holiday to Orlando.  There are many things that you need to take into consideration including the weather.

Below is a chart to show you how the weather changes throughout the year:

Orlando can sometimes be under threat from hurricanes and the hurricane season tends to run from June to October. Major hurricanes usually form in the Gulf of Mexico during July, August and September. However, as Orlando is further away from the coast it tends to escape most of the hurricane effects.

The other thing that you will need to consider is when the parks are at their busiest. The most crowed times of the year are the Christmas and New Year period and Easter half-term.

Spring break in America is from the first week in March till Mid-April and this time of the year also tends to be crowded as well as Summer break which starts in June till the second week in August.

January and September tend to be the quietest time of the year. End of April, May, October and November tend to have medium crowd levels.

I have added a list of National Bank Holidays in America. Bank holidays are always hectic so it is best to avoid the parks:


New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day (third Monday of the month)


Washington’s Birthday (third Monday of the month)

March or April

Good Friday


Memorial Day (last Monday of the month)


4th – Independence Day


Labour Day (first Monday of the month)


Columbus Day (second Monday of the month)


11th – Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday of the month)


25th – Christmas Day

Note: Boxing Day is not a public holiday in America

I hope that helps – as always any questions give me a shout.

x E x


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