1000th Sea Turtle Released by SeaWorld

10 Mar

Now here is a nice story for you…SeaWorld’s animal rescue team will be releasing its 1000th sea turtle back into the wild.

On Friday morning at 10:30am SeaWorld will be releasing another rehabilitated and now-healthy sea turtle at Canaveral National Seashore’s Eddy Creek.

The sea turtle rescue program began at SeaWorld Orlando in 1980 and during this time more than 1,530 sea turtles have been cared for by the park’s vets and turtle experts. Each turtle was rescued by staff or brought to the park due to cold stress, injuries from nets, fishing line and hooks, ingestion of trash such as plastic bags, boat strikes, natural causes and most recently, oil contamination.

The team’s success rate in caring for turtles with such a wide variety of injuries is amazingly high: 68% of the turtles brought to SeaWorld in the past 30 years have been returned to the wild after hands-on care and TLC.

The 1,000th turtle was a sub-adult loggerhead that suffered from “lockjaw” and was brought to SeaWorld last September for rehabilitation by the Sea Turtle Preservation Society of Brevard County. Upon arrival, it weighed only 70 pounds. After many weeks of physical therapy, medication and help with feeding, the turtle regained normal function of its jaw and is back to a normal weight (102 pounds) and has regained its strength.

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