My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 1

9 Jun

Hey Guys,

So, as promised, here are my trip reports! I hope you enjoy reading about what we got up to on our holiday!!

Day 1 – Sunday 8th May 2011

After finishing the last of the packing, and saying goodbye to the dog, we were finally ready to leave for the airport around 3ish in the afternoon. We took a nice slow drive up to Gatwick to drop our luggage off at the terminal. After we had finished at bag drop we went to a restaurant to have some dinner before checking in at the hotel.

I had made a bit of a boo boo though…

Last time we went to Florida we flew from South Terminal with Virgin and stayed at the Courtyard by Mariott Hotel which is just around the corner. Turns out, we were flying from North Terminal this time (as we were flying with BA)! It wasn’t the end of the world though…as the hotel had a shuttle bus which dropped people off at both terminals.

We checked in to the hotel and went over to book our car in. Just one problem, they had changed their system since the last time we stayed there. Last time we went, you drove you car to the car park the following morning, now they take your car for you, straight away! The only problem was that we had an overnight bag that we needed to leave in the car! Luckily they agreed that we could leave the car in the hotel car park overnight and they would take it to the car park once we had checked out the following day – so all worked out in the end!

We spent the evening in the hotel bar before getting some beauty sleep before the long day to follow.



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