My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 4

13 Jun

Day 4 – Wednesday 11th May

Today we were going on an airboat ride. We had been on airboat ride on our previous holiday, and although we enjoyed it, this time we were looking for something a bit more personal and slightly longer. This airboat ride was such a big tourist attraction that they just seemed to ride around the lake as quickly as possible so that they could get as many people booked in as possible. So this time, we certainly wanted something better and after researching on the forum site ‘The Dibb’, we decided to book one with Spirit of the Swamp.

We headed down to the lake and to start with we wondered if we were in the right place, we seemed to be in the middle of no where, with just a lake and a jetty. Admittedly, we had arrived early, so we waited around and sure enough along came the airboat. We were introduced to Captain Harold and away we went. We only had to share with 2 others which was great.

We each wore a headset and a mic so that we could hear and speak to him. We went right into the thick of the swamp and Captain Harold went nice and slowly so that he could look for any wildlife. Nearly as soon as we entered the swamp we spotted a big alligator sitting on a bank to the side of us. Here is a photo:

That wasn’t the only alligator we spotted, as well spotting many baby gators, we also saw a HUGE alligator that was about 12ft! Here he is:

Overall, I cannot recommend Spirit of the Swamp enough. As well as seeing lots of wildlife, we were really impressed with Captain Harold. He made the whole experience very personable, he was very attentive and it truly was great. We’ll certainly be doing it again on our next vacation!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool before Lee and Ferg came over for a nose around the villa. They absolutely loved it and are even considering it for their next holiday. We all went out to Smokey Bones for their final feast. They were flying home the following day so wanted to make an evening of it. Ferg, known for his challenges with food, ordered a custom made quadruple burger! Here is a pic:

We all had a great evening! It was time to say goodbye and then off to bed we went.

x E x


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