My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 5

17 Jun

Day 5 – Thursday 12th May

We got up extra early today to go to Islands of Adventure. We had been warned about just how busy The Wizarding World of Harry Potter gets, so we arrived at the park at 8:15am! They opened the park at 8:40am and we walked straight over to Harry Potter.

Every detail was spot on, it has been done brilliantly and to be there was certainly a highlight of our holiday. We walked straight into Hogwarts and staright onto the Harry Potter ride. Hogwarts itself was brilliant, as you walked through the castle the pictures were moving and talking at you and you even get a glimpse of Harry, Ron and Hermoine. If you did have to queue you would be entertained – thats for sure! Here are some pics of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:


The ride itself was awesome, very clever effects and we thoroughly enjoyed it. After the ride, we had a look around the shops and tried some butterbeer. I then went on Dragon Challenge which was great fun.

After that we headed over to spiderman, which we both loved. It’s a great ride with great effects and probably one of our favourites of the holiday

! I then went on the Incredible Hulk, which was brilliant, best coaster I’ve been on by far!

We had lunch in Toon Lagoon before heading over to the lost continent to watch the sinbad stunt show, which was good but average in comparison to the Disney shows.

It was getting very hot (35 degs) so we had another ride on spiderman before leaving! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool before heading out for dinner.

We went to Chilis – I had the buffalo chicken salad, which was ok but nit brilliant and Paul had Fajitas which were very good. I had a chocolate chip paradise pie for dessert which was yummy!!!

x E x


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