My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 8

17 Jun

Day 8 – Sunday 15th May

Today we got up early to go to SeaWorld. It was another beautiful day. I started by going on Manta, I was very scared about this one because you are face down, but it was actually really fun! I followed that by going on Kraken, another big coaster which was awesome.

We then went to see the Clyde and Seamore show. The mime artist kept entertained while we were waiting for it to start, he was hilarious. The show itself was brilliant, very funny and showed off the sealions brilliantly.

Next up we walked up to shamu stadium to watch their new killerwhale show One Ocean. The show was very very good, even without the trainers in the water with them. Here are some pics:

After the show we went on Wild Arctic, a helicopter simulator which took you through the arctic. Then we headed over to watch the Blue Horizons dolphin show. This was also extremely good!! Next up we had some food at The Spice Mill before going to feed the dolphins.

We queued for queued for a long time before finally being given a tray of 3 fish each. The dolphins were lovely and I really enjoyed the experience again.

After this we left the park as we were both tired. We headed back to the villa to chill by the pool before going out for dinner. We went to the Longhorn Steakhouse and both had fillet steak. It was the best steak either of us had tasted!!!

x E x


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