My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 12

19 Jun

Day 12 – Thursday 19th May

Today we decided to head down to the coast because we hadn’t been to any of the beaches in Florida previously. First we stopped at Perkins for some breakfast again, it was yummy. Tummies suitably filled, we then headed on our journey to Cocoa Beach. It was a long drive and when we got there it took us a while to find where to park, but we found the main carpark in the end. We headed down on to the beach which was lovely (although we did get attacked by lovebugs)! We spent a few hours there dipping in and out of the sea before heading home because it was just too hot!

After a few hours relaxing at the villa, we decided to hot the shops! We headed over to Mall at Millenia as it is such a lovely shopping centre. First stop, Hollister! We both bought some new clothes. Then we went to Macy’s. I had really wanted to buy a new watch so we spent a long time trying on different watches before I finally decided on a gold Michael Kors. The lady serving us was really helpful and even told us that we could get 10% discount because we were tourists, bonus!

After a final mooch around the shops we went to dinner at the CHeesecake Factory. I went there last year for a piece of cheesecake but had heard that the food there was really good, so we decided to go back for dinner. I had spaghetti carbanara and Paul had a spicy chicken sandwich, both of which were really good. I finished it with a Snickers Chunks Cheesecake which was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

We headed home, had a few drinks and a soak in the hot tub before bed.

x E x


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