My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 14

19 Jun

Day 14 – Saturday 21st May

Today we were off to Hollywood Studios! We were both really excited about going back to this park as the last time we went it was raining so heavy that we had to go home, we ended up missing a lot. It was Start Wars weekend and the opening weekend of the new Star Tours ride, so we knew it was going to be busy – and it really was!

We arrived at the park at around 9am and headed straight over to Toy Story Mania. We had heard that this ride gets really, really busy and sure enough, there was a 60 minute queue. We got a fastpass and headed over to the Aerosmith Rocking Roller Coaster. I loved it! Then we headed over to join the queue for the new Star Tours ride. It said the wait time was 75 mins, but it was actually only 25 mins, so that was good! Was a really good simulator ride with great 3D effects. Paul loves Star Wars so this was right up his street. As we were leaving the ride, we bumped into this fella (or should I say beast?):

Next up we went to watch Muppets 3D before the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Muppets 3D was ok, but in my opinion it is a bit dated compared to other 3D shows over there. The Indiana Jones show was brilliant, much better than I thought it was going to be, just like watching a movie! It was really impressive to watch all of the stunts and special effects.

By this time, it was time to return to Toy Story Mania, which was awesome! We remembered it being good from last time but it was even better than we remembered and we loved every second of it. We would have got another fast pass but they had already run out and at this point the queue was 90 mins long.

We finished this ride just in time to head over to watch Lights, Camera, Action! Motor Show. We had seen this show a couple of times (once in Paris and once in Florida) and it didn’t fail to disappoint. The drivers are so talented! Hunger was calling, so after the show we went to Pizza Planet for some lunch.

After lunch we went on the Studio Backlot Tour. This takes you on a behind-the-scenes guided walk and tram ride and really shows off some of the special effects from the movies. It was really interesting.

Next up it was time for the Pixar Pals Countdown to fun parade. As I always say, Disney do brilliant parades and this one was really good. However, there were a few characters which I would have liked to see that weren’t in the parade – including Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc and Nemo and friends who were no where to be seen 😦

Here are some pics from the parade:

After the parade we went to watch Beauty and the Beast. I had heard that this was a really good show and was excited about going to see it. I really enjoyed it, thought it was brilliant. Here is a pic:

By this point, we were both shattered. So we reluctantly headed home. We were hoping to hang around till later to watch Fantasmic, but the heat had got to us. Still – it’s something new to save for next time we go! We had a throroughly enjoyable day at Hollywood Studios! So, we then headed back to the villa to cool down before heading out for dinner at Applebees again. This time I had the fish and chips – which was scrummy!

x E x


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