SeaWorld releases 3 turtles

23 Jun

Hey guys,

Here is some lovely news for you all – SeaWorld Orlando’s rescue team released three green sea turtles back into Florida’s east coast yesterday. The turtles were rehabilitated on the sea turtle rescue program run by SeaWorld Orlando.

The first turtle to be released arrived at SeaWorld in January this year and was suffering from pneumonia. The 20-inch female green sea turtle was given around-the-clock care by the Park’s turtle specialists.

The second turtle to be released was brought to SeaWorld for a shell infection and barnacles was released into Cape Canaveral. The barnacles – which can cause stress and possibly disable the flippers, were carefully removed and SeaWorld’s aquarium team nursed the youngsters shell back to health.

Since the sea turtle rescue program began at SeaWorld Orlando in 1980, more than 1,530 sea turtles have been cared for. Each turtle was either rescued by the staff or brought to the park due to cold stress, injuries from nets, fishing line and hooks, ingestion of trash such as plastic bags, boat strikes, natural causes and oil contamination. The team’s success rate in caring for turtles is incredibly high: 68% of the turtles brought to SeaWorld in the past 30 years have been returned to the wild after hands-on care and TLC.

I’m sure you will agree, the program is brilliant and all staff involved are doing a great job!

x E x


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