The hidden secrets of…Magic Kingdom

12 Jul

There are so many hidden secrets at Walt Disney World and I don’t want you guys missing out! So, I am going to share a few with you…starting with Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Useful Secrets

  • At the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, the turnstiles to the right of the gates are usually MUCH more crowded than the ones to the left
  • At any attraction if there are two lines and you cannot see the loading area from where you are standing, take the line to the left
  • Listen to the music and the narration while riding the railroad

Interesting Secrets

  • Walt Disney designed the Magic Kingdom so that as guests walk from one land to another they are not able to see the other lands. Each land is very distinctive and has its own theme, the pavements even change from one to the other
  • The whole of Disneyland can be fit inside the Magic Kingdom car park and there would still be space left over to park 500 cars!
  • The red walkways down Main Street USA were designed by Walt Disney to resemble a red carpet (as if he wanted to lay out the red carpet for guests)
  • On the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey together in front of the castle, Walt has a Mickey ring on his right finger
  • There are some telephones around the park – pick them up and you will hear some very interesting conversations on the other end. There is one in Tomorrowland (underneath the TTA and Astro Orbiter) and one in the General Store down Main Street USA
  • The trash cans around the park have small pipes which shoot the through underground tunnels at 60 miles an hour
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