Fantasyland Expansion Starts

13 Mar


Hey Folks

Disney World has opened the first phase of the Fantasyland expansion yesterday with part of the Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus area, featuring new takes on the Dumbo ride and a roller coaster.

The multimillion-dollar expansion, the largest in the Magic Kingdom’s 40-year history, will open in stages as new sections are ready.

Visitors on Monday saw a new version of the popular Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and the Barnstormer roller coaster, revamped to fit a circus theme.

The Dumbo ride has a new decor and color palette, inspired by vibrant tin toys and carousels of the early 1920s. Golden storks top the ride, followed by a ring of elephants representing Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo’s mother in the 1941 movie.

Eventually, the ride will have an indoor, interactive queue and be joined by a duplicate Dumbo. The ride vehicles also have a new look — the flying elephants are a lighter grey and, for the first time, they have pink accents on the underside of their ears and feet.

The Barnstormer roller coaster now features Goofy as the Great Goofini, a stuntman for the circus. The coaster has been re-themed to reflect the character’s many circus talents. Props such as a cannon, a smoking rocket and the “wheel of peril” are found along the coaster’s queue.

The coaster’s rail has not been altered, but its ride vehicles now race through a couple of new elements, a billboard and a tower.

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