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My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 15

19 Jun

Day 15 – Sunday 22nd May

So today was our last full day in Florida – boooooooo! We decided to stay at the villa today to enjoy some time by the pool. It was a beautiful day again!

We popped out to Subway at lunch time and then went to Premium Outlets for a mooch about – although all of the shops were far too expensive for us!!! Back to the villa for a few more hours in the sun before going out to Smokey Bones for our final meal. We had the wings to start (of course)! followed by ribs for me and a burger for Paul. We saw the Americans that we had met up with earlier in the holiday and said goodbye to them.

We were flying home the following day, which made us both very sad. However – we really had the most amazing holiday. The last couple of weeks really had been fantastic. We love everything about Florida – the fun, the magic, the food, the relaxations – EVERYTHING! It is the best holiday ever and we will definitely be going back as soon as we can save the money.

If you are reading my blog and wondering whether you should book or not, I hope that I have now managed to convince you to book! You will have the best time ever – trust me!

x E x


My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 14

19 Jun

Day 14 – Saturday 21st May

Today we were off to Hollywood Studios! We were both really excited about going back to this park as the last time we went it was raining so heavy that we had to go home, we ended up missing a lot. It was Start Wars weekend and the opening weekend of the new Star Tours ride, so we knew it was going to be busy – and it really was!

We arrived at the park at around 9am and headed straight over to Toy Story Mania. We had heard that this ride gets really, really busy and sure enough, there was a 60 minute queue. We got a fastpass and headed over to the Aerosmith Rocking Roller Coaster. I loved it! Then we headed over to join the queue for the new Star Tours ride. It said the wait time was 75 mins, but it was actually only 25 mins, so that was good! Was a really good simulator ride with great 3D effects. Paul loves Star Wars so this was right up his street. As we were leaving the ride, we bumped into this fella (or should I say beast?):

Next up we went to watch Muppets 3D before the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Muppets 3D was ok, but in my opinion it is a bit dated compared to other 3D shows over there. The Indiana Jones show was brilliant, much better than I thought it was going to be, just like watching a movie! It was really impressive to watch all of the stunts and special effects.

By this time, it was time to return to Toy Story Mania, which was awesome! We remembered it being good from last time but it was even better than we remembered and we loved every second of it. We would have got another fast pass but they had already run out and at this point the queue was 90 mins long.

We finished this ride just in time to head over to watch Lights, Camera, Action! Motor Show. We had seen this show a couple of times (once in Paris and once in Florida) and it didn’t fail to disappoint. The drivers are so talented! Hunger was calling, so after the show we went to Pizza Planet for some lunch.

After lunch we went on the Studio Backlot Tour. This takes you on a behind-the-scenes guided walk and tram ride and really shows off some of the special effects from the movies. It was really interesting.

Next up it was time for the Pixar Pals Countdown to fun parade. As I always say, Disney do brilliant parades and this one was really good. However, there were a few characters which I would have liked to see that weren’t in the parade – including Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc and Nemo and friends who were no where to be seen 😦

Here are some pics from the parade:

After the parade we went to watch Beauty and the Beast. I had heard that this was a really good show and was excited about going to see it. I really enjoyed it, thought it was brilliant. Here is a pic:

By this point, we were both shattered. So we reluctantly headed home. We were hoping to hang around till later to watch Fantasmic, but the heat had got to us. Still – it’s something new to save for next time we go! We had a throroughly enjoyable day at Hollywood Studios! So, we then headed back to the villa to cool down before heading out for dinner at Applebees again. This time I had the fish and chips – which was scrummy!

x E x

My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 13

19 Jun

Day 13 – Friday 20th May

Today we got up early and decided to return to a couple of our favourite parks – Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. We enjoyed both days there so much that we wanted to go back and enjoy the rides again.

We started by going to Islands of Adventure and heading straight back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We had arrived at the park slightly later than last time (9:30ish) and so there was a 20 min queue this time for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. We didn’t actually mind though, as it gave us a bit more time to have a look around Hogwarts and the clever effects throughout. We both agreed that the ride was even better the second time round, as we could really take it all in.

After that we went headed back through the park so that we could go back on The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman – which we both loved! These two rides were definite holiday highlights for both of us.

We then headed back over to Universal Studios where we went back on Men In Black, The Simpsons Ride and Jaws before heading back to the villa for a few hours by the pool.

In the evening we returned to Downtown Disney. We had enjoyed our evening there so much that we wanted to go back before our holiday was over. We ate at Planet Hollywood again and both had the potato skins to start, followed by cheeseburgers. We both really enjoyed our meals again. After our meal we had a wander around the shops and went to the HUGE Disney store. I bought a few little souvenirs (keyring, fridge magnet, pens – the normal, affordable things)! We also bought a photo frame and a mouse mat!

x E x


My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 12

19 Jun

Day 12 – Thursday 19th May

Today we decided to head down to the coast because we hadn’t been to any of the beaches in Florida previously. First we stopped at Perkins for some breakfast again, it was yummy. Tummies suitably filled, we then headed on our journey to Cocoa Beach. It was a long drive and when we got there it took us a while to find where to park, but we found the main carpark in the end. We headed down on to the beach which was lovely (although we did get attacked by lovebugs)! We spent a few hours there dipping in and out of the sea before heading home because it was just too hot!

After a few hours relaxing at the villa, we decided to hot the shops! We headed over to Mall at Millenia as it is such a lovely shopping centre. First stop, Hollister! We both bought some new clothes. Then we went to Macy’s. I had really wanted to buy a new watch so we spent a long time trying on different watches before I finally decided on a gold Michael Kors. The lady serving us was really helpful and even told us that we could get 10% discount because we were tourists, bonus!

After a final mooch around the shops we went to dinner at the CHeesecake Factory. I went there last year for a piece of cheesecake but had heard that the food there was really good, so we decided to go back for dinner. I had spaghetti carbanara and Paul had a spicy chicken sandwich, both of which were really good. I finished it with a Snickers Chunks Cheesecake which was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

We headed home, had a few drinks and a soak in the hot tub before bed.

x E x

My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 11

19 Jun

Day 11 – Wednesday 18th May

We spent a few hours chilling by the pool in the morning. Then in the afternoon we headed to the Magic Kingdom. I love this park as I feel its where the magic of Disney really is.

When we arrived the Dream along with Mickey show was on, so we watched the end of that before heading over to Tomorrowland for a go on Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. The queue wasn’t very long for this, so we went on twice! It is such a brilliantly fun ride we just couldn’t resist! Here is a pic of us on the ride:

After that we went to Monsters Inc Laughroom which was absolutely fab. It is put together so well and never fails to make us both laugh over and over again. Paul was even part of the show this time, he hand to pretend he was a monster! After this we headed over to Frontierland for some grub and then waited for the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, which as always, was fantastic.

After the parade we went on Thunder Mountain. Paul doesn’t normally go on the coasters so I was really proud that he came on with me AND that he really enjoyed himself. After this we went to watch Disney’s Philharmagic 3D show which was brill. I then went to get a fastpass for Space Mountain and whilst we were waiting we had another go on Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin! We had a quick ride on Speedway before I tried returning to Space Mountain. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the ride so I couldn’t get on it 😦

It was a good job I did miss it as it was time for the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party. I absolutely love this, seeing all of the characters dancing with all of the children – it’s fab! Here are some pics:

After this we headed back over to Frontierland for another go on Thunder Mountain before going in to the Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion was better than we both remembered and we particularly liked the part at the end where the ghost entered the ‘doom buggy’ with us!

By this time, it was nearly time to watch the Wishes fireworks. We had time to sample one of Casey’s Corners hot dogs and then found our spot to watch the fireworks. They are so magical and really are spectacular. I love this firework display and it brings a tear to my eye everytime. Here are some pics:

x E x

My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 10

17 Jun

Day 10 – Tuesday 17th May

Today we opted for a day of rest. We started the day with breakfast at Perkins before going back to the villa to chill by the pool all day.

In the evening we went for a round of mini golf at pirates adventure golf just down the road. It was a great course and we really enjoyed it. Much better than Congo river golf which we did last time but that could be due to the better weather! Paul won of course, and was given a token for a free game next time we go.

We then went back to Smokey Bones for dinner and drinks. I had the smokehouse chicken burger and Paul had the smokehouse burger. I tried the dessert shots for the first time which were YUMMY!

We headed back to the villa and decided and watch Gran Tourino before bed.

x E x

My Florida Holiday Round-up – Day 9

17 Jun

Day 9 – Monday 16th May

Today was the shuttle launch at the Kennedy space centre and 500,000 people went to watch it. We opted to watch it on the news before we went to universal studios. We got to the park really early and there was hardly anyone there!

I started by going on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and it was brilliant! You can select a song of your choice to listen to on the way round, so I choose Kanye West – Stronger to get me through it!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Next up we went over to Men in Black, which we love! As it was so quiet we went straight back on it, of course Paul beat me both times, but I am used to it now! After that we went on the Simpsons ride which was even better than we remembered!

We then walked over to Jaws. Last time we went to Universal Studios it was closed for maintenance so this was our first time. It was great fun, much better then we thought it would be.

Once we had recovered from Jaws 😉 I went on Revenge of the Mummy, and had the whole cart to myself! It was a strange experience being on it alone but I had great fun, screaming till my heart was content!

Straight after that we headed to Twister, again straight on it! Then we went to watch Shrek 4D – the first time we had to queue! Only for 15 mins though. We both love this – by far our face 3D/4D show at the parks.

After a spot of lunch we decided to go and watch Fear Factor Live, but had time for another quick go on Men In Black first! Fear factor live was great to watch and featured some very brave people, we were glad we missed the auditions 😉

Last but not least we headed to terminator 3D, with a quick stop to have our photo taken with Scooby Do!

After that we headed home for a quick chill by the pool before heading out to dinner at Applebees, Paul had chicken tenders and I had three cheese pasta with chicken which was YUMMY!

We finished the day with a quick soak in the hot tub before bed.

x E x