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SeaWorld: Rescued Mantanee Gives Birth

23 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Early last month, SeaWorld rescued a manatee from Sykes Creek in Brevard County and it has just given birth to a healthy calf.

The mother had severe injuries to one flipper caused by a crab pot line, and fishing line was wrapped around both front flippers. After being transported to SeaWorld, it was discovered that she was pregnant.

She gave birth early Wednesday. They are both being kept in a back area pool, where the park’s Animal Care team is monitoring them. Both are doing well, SeaWorld reports.

SeaWorld has rescued 12 manatees this year.

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Baby Dolphin Born at SeaWorld

6 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Awwwww…a baby dolphin was born at SeaWorld Orlando on Saturday 30th June. The mother is named Starkey, and this newborn — its sex has not been determined yet — is her sixth offspring.

SeaWorld officials say mom and baby have been bonding and nursing. You will be able to see them both at the theme park’s Dolphin Nursery, which houses pregnant dolphins, new moms and calves plus experienced mothers.

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Sea Lion Twins Born at Seaworld

26 Jun

ImageAwwwwww, what lovely news…twin sea lions were born last week at SeaWorld Orlando.

A rarity in the animal world, the twin births are a first for the park.

Officials say the sea lions are healthy and are nursing from their mom, Fable, who is also doing well.

The first of the twins was born at 11 am on the 17th June, and the second followed a few hours later. The sex of the twins has not yet been determined.

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TurtleTrek to open 27th April

26 Feb

Great news folks…SeaWorld Orlando has set a grand-opening date for TurtleTrek. It’s domed, 3-D film will debut on Friday 27th April.

The attraction, which the theme park says in the first of its kind, will follow 25 years in the life of a turtle — compressed into about seven minutes. Guests will stand inside the round dome to watch the events unfold above.

TurtleTrek also includes animal habitats for manatees and turtles plus a call for guests to become “everyday heroes.”

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SeaWorld Release TurtleTrek Video

20 Jan

SeaWorld Orlando has released the first video  about their new attraction TurtleTrek, which is set to open this spring.

In the video, creative director Brian Morrow walks us through several of the elements of the attraction, which will feature a 3-D, domed movie and animal interaction with manatees and sea turtles.

Along the way, we see renderings of the interior of TurtleTrek and brief video bits of dome construction, computer graphics and projectors.

You can view the video here, courtesy of

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Seaworld to get even bigger and even better!

9 Nov

Hello Peeps,

Seaworld is one of my favourite parks and we had a great day out there on our latest holiday, and now it is going to get bigger and better, if that is even possible?!

Yesterday Seaworld announced that they are planning new expansions to SeaWorld over the next couple of years, including a sea-turtle exhibit with a domed 3D theater and an immersive penguin experience


Opening in spring 2012, TurtleTrek will allow guests to explore aquatic habitats for freshwater animals such as manatees and a saltwater habitat will become the home of more than 1,500 fish and more than a dozen sea turtles, who have been rescued by the park’s animal team.

After meeting these aquatic giants, guests will be immersed underwater in a 3D, 360 degree dome theatre, the first of its kind. This will offer guests a spectacular all-around view of a sea turtles journey through the oceans as if they were really there.

Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin

Opening in 2013, this is set to be SeaWorld’s biggest expansion yet. Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin will transport guests to Antarctica, home to the penguin.

An artist’s rendering shows an entire section of shops and restaurants with an interactive ride at its center, somewhat similar to the wildly successful Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando. Parts of the experience will also include a radical temperature change, which will undoubtedly be welcomed by those visiting in the steamy heat of Florida summer.

I am personally very excited about these changes and I am looking forward to visiting the new attractions in the future.

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SeaWorld to Build Dolphin Hospital

17 Jul

Hey Guys,

Some fab news from SeaWorld Orlando, they are preparing to open a new medical facility for stranded dolphins. Crews are putting the finishing touches on the new complex which is home to a 40,000 gallon pool which is large enough to hold cetaceans as large as a 13-foot pilot whale or as many as five bottlenose dolphins at once.

SeaWorld expects the facility to open within the next couple of weeks, as soon as it receives final approval from the federal government. There is talk that a pilot-whale calf recently rescued in the Florida Keys could be the first animal to use the facility.

SeaWorld says the project is part of a long-standing commitment to preserving wild animals. The theme-park says it spends several million dollars a year on conservation, research, rescue and rehab, and that it has rescued more than 18,000 animals during its history.

An average of 51 live cetaceans — whales, dolphins or porpoises — are stranded on Florida shores every year, according to the National Marine Fisheries Service, which analysed data from 2002 to 2010. A third of them are typically transferred to rehab facilities. The fab news is that SeaWorld will now be able to help these stranded cetaceans in their new medical facility.

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